Friday, August 5, 2011

Packing List: Top 5 Must-Haves for Sailing

Hitting the high seas this weekend? Sailing is a classic summer activity, with a style legacy all its own, and cruise parties have become a staple of weekend life on both coasts. Joining friends for an afternoon of surf and sun? Resist the urge to shout "I'm on a boat!" (ok, do it anyway, it's fun), slather on some SPF, and pack stitch fix's absolute musts for a day of fool-proof style!

  1. A bateau stripe shirt is both nautical AND chic, while a windbreaker provides necessary waterproof coverage for any seafaring fashionista. Hate the practicality of a windbreaker? You'll thank us after your first encounter with spray. And you never know how chilly it might get on the water!
  2. Try aviator sunglasses-- it's a classic look that will also help combat the sun's glare.
  3. White capri pants, or shorts, provide an effortless summer look.
  4. Boat shoes in a bright color bring a preppy edge to your look and, as their name would suggest, are highly appropriate for the situation at hand. Pack a pair of flip-flops, too, but boat shoes are the easiest for "roughing it" on a boat.
  5. Easy way to finish your outfit without worrying about losing jewelry? A mani/pedi in a summery color. We love orange nails, but red and pink are also classic favorites.
Tell us: what are your must-haves for a sailing trip? Show-and-tell by uploading photos of you in your latest Stitch Fix gear to Facebook or Twitter!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

meet emily, rack habit's client experience intern!

name: emily

hometown: san francisco

job: client experience intern

what does a typical day at rack habit include for you?
i hesitate to use the "there is no typical day" cliché, but it's so true! everyday here is different and that's why i love it. some of my typical duties include corresponding with clients, tracking feedback, and working on things that clients will receive in their packages - ie. the monthly greeting cards, the newsletters, and other fun stuff we're working on-- like mini-gifts. ask me what the traditional gift for an 8th anniversary is. i dare you.

how did you find out about rack habit?
like both sara and mary, through my sorority listserv at school. katrina's little sister is in my house!

best thing about working at rack habit?
the people! everyone's super hardworking, but the office environment is laid back which makes for a fun place to work. because the company is still in beta, there's also a lot of room for creativity and as an intern, that's great because i get to learn and interact with the business model more than if i were working at a large corporation. oh, and the always-stocked fridge of diet coke.

hardest part of your job?
we work with a lot of very large spreadsheets and i'm still honing my excel skills, so sometimes data entry and calculations can be complicated. but i love this part of my job because i'm learning so much.

most embarrassing style moment?
that time when my friends and i dressed up as "Rocket Power" (remember that skater TV show from the 90's?) for a space-themed sorority crush party. every other girl showed up in sparkley blue, black, and silver tight dresses and heels. we wore cargo shorts and boys' graphic tees from the salvation army. and helmets. points for creativity?

i never leave the house without...
my phone, my ipod, my clippercard (i NEVER have exact change), and a little calendar book my grandma gave me when i was 11. it's become a little like a good luck charm, even though it's breaking at the bindings.

desert island book/tv series box set...
all 8 seasons of 24. best. show. ever.

obsession (fashion or otherwise) of the moment?
fleetwood mac. my friends and i roadtripped to LA last weekend and someone put on a fleetwood mac CD. i knew most of the songs but didn't realize they were all by the same artist! i've been playing silver springs on repeat all week.

favorite Disney princess?
snow white. who wouldn't want an entourage of magical dwarves?

style icon?
that's really tough. i'll stick with sara on the fictional characters front. barbie. her closet is bigger than any real person, and naturally, her style has the potential to change at any moment, on a whim.

signature build-your-own salad/frozen yogurt choices?
in high school we always used to go to plutos on irving street to build our own salads. my signature salad was mixed greens with chicken, feta, red onions, walnuts, croutons, and sesame seeds in a balsamic vinaigrette. "do you want a piece bread with that?" YES. their focaccia is the best!

if i were this season's bachelorette, i would pick...
JP. though the thought of being a winemaker's wife is tempting...good luck ashley.

i'll miss working at rack habit, but something i'm looking forward to is...
studying abroad in Paris this fall!

blog roundup

how crazy is it that july is already almost over? our first two months in san francisco have been a whirlwind, and it has all been a total blast! we've shipped the last of the july boxes and now we're busy preparing for the great things that'll be coming your way in august. can't wait for a pick-me-up? get a dose of inspiration from some of our favorite recent blog posts-- from interior design and fashion to recent party snaps, this light afternoon reading goes perfectly with your coffee break!

apartment diy always inspires us! check out these cute ideas for your kitchen [because i'm addicted]

we know we aren't the only ones loving pink and red together this summer [a bit coquettish]

how delish do these smoothies look? even the green one! [Glitter Guide]

traveling? make sure you can make the most of business or pleasure this summer with these travel tips [fitsugar]

check out photos from last week's Shop It to Me + What I Wore event... and see if you can spot katrina! [Britt+Whit]

also from Britt+Whit? lots of adorable outfit posts, plus a recent shout out to rack habit! check out what the girls have to say about us in a post from last week!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

trend report: lace for summer and beyond!

want to add a ladylike edge to any outfit? try something in lace! lace has been all over the runways for the past few years, and celebrities have been quick to pick up on the trend both on the street and on the red carpet. this isn't your grandmother's lace, though, no matter how stylish your genes are! the new approach to lace stays true to its sweet rep, but is decidedly modern.

from lace tops to lace skirts, from classic neutrals to bold colors, the variety of lace pieces popping up in stores (and rack habit packages!) makes incorporating this trend into your wardrobe easier than finding a starbucks. whether you're romantic, classic, or urban, lace can work for you. pair a crisp lace dress with a classic blazer for a preppy chic look at brunch, or toughen up a lace skirt with your worn-in leather jacket for a casual spin on the trend. need inspiration? check out reese witherspoon's take on off-duty cool in a lace top and jeans.

our favorite way to wear lace here at rack habit? it's all in the details! a lace covered pump for evening adds interest to an outfit anchored by an lbd, and lace details can serve as an alternative to mesh in the cut-out trend. a lace-backed top is a particular rack habit fave, and a lace camisole is my favorite way to add coverage and a pop of color to any outfit!

the lace trend isn't going anywhere soon! equally versatile in

every season, romantics can rejoice at fall's darker take on lace, while recent resort shows forecast the continuing popularity of lace looks into next spring. how adorable is this look from moschino? although they kept their lace sweet, we love how perfectly lace pairs with a navy skirt for a subtly nautical look. this summer, work lace into an outfit for easy style points AND a timeless look!

have you been rocking lace this summer? show-and-tell how you wear the latest and greatest rack habit by uploading a photo to twitter or facebook!


Monday, July 25, 2011

rack habit loves...Greylin

simple clothing, but impeccable tailoring? the hallmark of style, and Greylin has it down pat! here at rack habit, we adore Greylin's chic designs; their pieces, simultaneously sophisticated and youthful, are what we're talking about when we say the hardest part of our jobs is not keeping all the clothing for ourselves!

Greylin's design team is headed by fashion industry veterans, and their hard won expertise is evident in every piece of the line. have a pretty and modern sensibility? Greylin has your back! wear their dresses to brunch or a date, and everywhere in between, and their tops feature just the right amount of sparkle (sequins or otherwise) to dress up or dress down; work Greylin into your wardrobe and your status as a chic, modern fashionista is assured.

have you received Greylin in any of your rack habit packages? show-and-tell by uploading a photo of you in your rack habit gear to facebook and twitter-- we want to see how you're styling your favorite Greylin pieces!


mailbag monday

is it just us, or is it really hard to believe that it's already the last week of july? today has been devoted to packing and shipping the last july rack habit boxes for the month, so if you still haven't received your rack habit box for the month, it'll be arriving on your doorstep soon. for those of you who are eagerly awaiting your august packages already-- you can cross another week off your wait time.

waiting for us this morning? some awesome twitter love from rack habiter (and frequent mailbag monday star), dena. she wrote,

So many compliments on my @rackhabit yellow zebra stripe top today at work! Nothing like compliments to battle a bad case of the mondays!

what perks you up more than compliments? other than a rack habit package, of course, since that comes not only with new clothes, but also with the promise of dozens of compliments in the near future.

at the request of our fellow tweeters (and fellow supporter of up-and-coming brands), @moxsie, dena uploaded a picture of herself in her rack habit gear. pairing her bright rack habit tank from Glam with black cardigan, dena looks work appropriate AND fun. like@moxsie we adore her bright mani! check it out!

@moxsie @rackhabit proof that yellow zebra print can work for work ;)

tell us: have you been complimented recently while wearing a rack habit find? what do you wear from rack habit to "battle a bad case of the mondays?"


Friday, July 22, 2011

packing list: rack habit goes to a giants game

if you were on twitter on wednesday afternoon, you probably realized that the rack habit office had gone on a field trip. we took the afternoon off to see the san francisco giants play the los angeles dodgers at at&t park, just a short walk from our office. although the game was exciting, with a pitching stand-off between the two teams' best pitchers, observing and interacting with the crowd was almost equally impressive-- from intense mohawks to foam beards and orange hair, crowd-watching was a blast too.

not so entertaining? the realization that most of us had dressed totally inappropriately for the event. san francisco natives katrina and emily got it right in giants' gear and shorts; the rest of us were suddenly fashion victims, having dressed under erroneous expectations regarding san francisco's usually cool weather and the navigability of bleachers in heels (it can't be that different from climbing san francisco's hills, right? not so much). personally, i found myself sweating through a pair of thick black leggings and boots, while still managing to get sunburned!

with this experience now behind us, we have a much better idea of what to wear to our next sporting event. planning on taking an afternoon off for america's favorite pastime? make sure you have rack habit's must-haves for attending a baseball game!

  1. break out your favorite pair of denim shorts-- a summer baseball game is the perfect opportunity to wear this classic!
  2. a baseball cap corners the market on easiest way to show team spirit while providing coverage from the sun.
  3. stay cool in a breezy top! keep your look on trend by choosing stripes or, if you're daring, a crop!
  4. converse scream all-american, just like baseball, and they make trolling the stadium for garlic fries a walk in the park.
  5. accessorize with cute friendship-style bracelets in your team's colors.
other essentials include sunscreen and an anti-bacterial gel like purell (always!!), as well as plenty of cash for ice cream!

tell us in the comments: what do you wear to stay stylish AND comfortable at summer sporting events? have you worn rack habit to a baseball game? show-and-tell with a photo upload to facebook or twitter.