Wednesday, June 29, 2011

the low-down with erin

name: erin morrison flynn.
hometown: vicksburg, mississippi
job: chief merchant, founder

as one of rack habit's founders, erin is responsible for making the creative decisions that shape not only rack habit as a company, but also what's inside the rack habit packages! this afternoon, she took a few minutes to answer some (very important) questions.

what does a typical day at rack habit include for you?
my day starts by catching up on what's happening in fashion and retail news over breakfast. that's as far as a "typical" day goes! it can vary from styling outfits, making merchandise purchases, catching up with vendors, packing rack habit boxes to chatting with rack habiters. i also travel frequently to find amazing new brands to send to your doorstep! i LOVE that.

how did you get your start in fashion?
i started my career as an assistant merchant at J. Crew. i spent close to 5 years there buying women's and men's shoes and little girl's clothing for the catalog and internet. i loved it! i had lots of talented coworkers. i was inspired by someone every day.
what are your goals for rack habit?
first and foremost to bring delight and joy to every rack habiters' day!

best thing about working at rack habit?
hearing the excitement in the voices of our clients! i can't tell you how great it makes us feel when ladies are thrilled by their package. feedback is so important to us and helps us pick even better pieces for each and every package.

hardest part of your job?
the hardest part of picking clothing for others is to remove your personal style from the equation! you can't get caught up in what YOU would's not about you.

advice for aspiring fashion entrepreneurs?
make it happen. from day one kat and my mantra has been "we are going to do this." and we haven't looked back.

i never leave the house without...
a scarf, ballet flats, and my iphone. i love scarves-- i think everyone knows that by now. they spice up any outfit and i'm cold 95% of the time, so they are great to keep you cozy. living in a city means a lot of walking, so ballet flats are essential for commuting. i keeps (tons of) heels under my desk to throw on once i'm in the office. i don't know what i did before i had my iphone. it not only keeps me connected, but it also guides me around san francisco (or wherever i am) with ease.

must-haves for summer?
i am loving lace-- in every piece and accessory: tanks, tunics, dresses, shorts, skirts, shoes, and bags. it's fun, flirty, and feminine. i also can't get my hands on enough maxi dresses. they are so chic while requiring minimal effort-- we are so busy these days, ease is a high priority. wedges are the perfect summer shoe choice, there isn't much a wedge doesn't pair well with. finally, florals and bold colors are such fun trends, pick the type of floral print that fits your style-- bright and scene-stealing or neutral and subtle. bold colors look so good on everyone-- my favorites are cobalt and emerald green.

song of the moment?
i am really into Adele these days. pretty much everything from her 21 album is playing on my ipod.

favorite Disney princess?
easy. i have a soft spot for Ariel from The Little Mermaid. as a little girl, i wanted to be her so movie. ever.

if you were this season's bachelorette, which guy would you choose?
JP. hands down.

style icon?
i have so SO many. of our generation, my favorite is probably Rachel Bilson. she always looks put together and chic. and i will always love Audrey Hepburn...who doesn't?

fill in the blank: if i could live in any time and place, it would be...why?
right now, right here! i'm living my dream!

signature frozen yogurt flavor?
oh mercy, don't get me started. i am a froyo addict! we make almost daily afternoon outings to yoppi frozen yogurt. they yellow cake batter flavor is the best thing you've ever tasted. AHMAZING.

thanks erin! check back next week for another interview with a member of the rack habit team.


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  1. JP is my favorite too!!! I'm super impressed that you have time to watch! :D